Healing and Detoxing on a Water Fast

The Water Fast Is a Part of Human History.

By: Bob Colling Ozark Naturopathic
It is a way to call upon the almost Supernatural healing intelligence programmed into the body by our creator.
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The passing of time has revealed a rich tapestry of the benefits in fasting to unlock the physical and spiritual  power for healing.

Back in ancient Greece it was  Aesculapius who said, “Instead of using medicine, let us fast. ”  Hippocrates taught  long term fasting as the way to health and forsaking health destroying pharma-chemicals, which is today, the new  God of modern day medicine. Most of the religions around the world advocate periods of “abstaining” from food to attain physical health and spiritual purity .  Even Jesus fasted 40 days and nights while in the wilderness.  Animals and babies, use natural instincts and refuse to eat  when they are injured or become ill.

There are several methods of  detoxification fasting

As a general definition, fasting is the complete elimination of solid food.  A more strict limit to fasting is the total abstinence of caloric intake.

The most aggressive and effective Fast for elimination is in this order .

  • water fast … is the  most effective
  • citrus fruit juice fast
  • Sub-acid fruit juice fast
  • veggie fruit juice fast.
  • veggie juice juice fast

You don’t need to travel to some remote place to train for a long term fast… think of a long term water faster like a long distance marathon runner . It takes time and training with lots of short term fasting before tackling the big Fast. This type of over 10 day fast takes competent supervision with a good medical facility close at hand should something go badly wrong.

What  really happens to the body when we  Water Fast?

Most people are clueless about the idea of fasting and have never been exposed to others who practice fasting as part of their lifestyle.

When we fast, there is a substantial increase of energy diverted from the digestive process which takes a large amount of vitality just to digest,  assimilate and store  foods .  All this freed up life force is redirected to the burning, cleansing , and eliminating of anything blocking the bodies ability to repair and heal itself. As these toxins and obstructions  are removed we get even more vital energy to direct towards elimination and  the healing process.

During the first 3 days the body goes into the elimination mode. In this phase, the primary organs are expelling their stored toxins and anything it can’t use into the blood and lymphatic system.  By the 3rd day there is a full on toxic rush to the liver, kidneys,colon and skin to get out of the body. Almost 30% of the body toxins are going into solution and running for the exit door.  This is where you hope you have already worked on opening all the body’s elimination channels such as the bowel, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.   In addition, all the microbes, parasites, and bad gut flora is Screaming at you to feed them! They are releasing toxic enzymes , hormones and waste of their own to force you to give it up and feed them. This is why a  detox coach is always best . An unconditioned and unprepared person can experience extreme discomfort and pain.

The water fast really  is not a do it  your self endeavor. Make sure you are healthy enough to engage into aggressive detox and seek knowledgeable guidance from a Naturopathic detox specialist.

During days 4 thru 6 the battle for ownership is in full swing. Virus and bacteria hiding in every imaginable part of your body are going to come out and start protesting the eviction process as well…This is where another 30% of the bodies stored toxins and poisons will be released for elimination… Body pain, soreness, joint pain, cramps, fluctuations in blood sugar and blood pressure, head ache , skin rash, cold and flu symptoms, sweats, chills and fatigue will be a welcomed event for the experienced water faster. Of course the uninformed will think they are going to die when the pile of detox rocks hit them.

For some the detox process is  uncomfortable to down right painful and elect to eat some high water fruit or cooked squash for a few days to slow down the detox process.  All the toxins are leaving at once. It’s like everyone is trying to get off the crowded plane at the same time…This cycle can be repeated and started over again immediately or at a later date until the body purges enough gunk to maintain a consistent 14-20 day full water fast period.


Usually during the 7-10 days a feeling of well being comes upon you .  BUT! There is always a but.

Those feelings will be dispersed with bouts of more detox  and elimination along with good feelings mixed with fatigue along with more flu like symptoms and more skin eruptions. The roller coaster is still moving.

Once you get past the first 10 days and a big majority of the toxic waste is gone, the real repair and healing can begin. Old pains, illness and injuries that where suppressed by chemicals and treatments and never properly healed will resurface for a few hours to a few days.

After 14 days, the water fast is doing it’s job. The body is finding balance and  the feeling of vitality will return in a  big way.

For those who have never experienced a water Fast you should try a 1 day fresh squeezed juice  Fast a few times ( not the processed concentrated crap, invest in a good juicer)  then try a 3 day fresh juice and water  fast a few times  (the water must  free of chlorine and fluoride).   The Idea is to get the toxins out not put more back in.

Then work in to the 6- 10 day pure water fast. This whole fasting and detoxing  protocol is a lifestyle shift and takes commitment , time and practice… In between Fasts develop eating habits of organic clean raw fruits and veggies. Set a goal of one fast a month put it on your calender and plan for them so buy the end of the year you will be ready for the Life transforming, Real healing and Rejuvenating 20-30-40 day water fast.

Breaking the Fast

Remember, your body has just been through a heavy detoxcification and elimination protocol. You will want to eat very light and work back up to heavy. It is relatively easy  to fast but it takes discipline to break the fast properly… To soon, to heavy, or to quickly will being more problems than you will want to handle… your Gut is as soft and tender that of a brand new baby so feed it accordingly.

What do you think would happen  if you feed a baby whole food?  Well… “you the baby now!”

The Fasting shut down and reintroducing food back to the body is as important as the Fast itself.  For every 3 days you Fast, you will need 1 day of transition.  Soft and genital is key here. Don’t run out and gouge your self with cheese burgers or you may be in the emergency room. Eat ripe Organic high water low acidic foods like Watermelon, mangos, papaya, peaches, pairs and grapes.  Avoid bananas and high citric foods for the first week.

This  is where you want to continue for the next 5 -6 weeks so all the hard work you have just done leads to the real pay off.                                     Start the re-feeding process with High water fruits slowly the first few days…and move to your desired raw organic food choices.

You really want to think about what you are putting back into your body.  It only makes sense to rebuild with the good stuff and avoid putting back what you worked so hard to get rid of. So rebuilding tissue requires the best foods. The best foods would be raw organic plant based.


 Stick out your Tongue



The tongue is your best indicator to the over all condition and detox progress of your body during a fast. During the first days there will be a  heavy coating of toxic waste covering the tongue and as the elimination process advances this will slowly clear up and the rebuilding and healing  will begin.

If the fast is allowed to continue and the tongue becomes clear, along with the proper restart of foods, the body will experience a huge boost in a feeling of well being, energy, mental sharpness, vitality and happiness.

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