Let’s  Find Your Genesis Plan

Gods FoodWe believe God created our bodies and all the foods for us to thrive.

Most scientists and engineers agree that the human being is the most intricate and amazing design known to the planet. Whether you believe that the creator is “God” or “Nature,” everyone agrees that the designer was not man. Man did not design or create man. Man did not design or create the earth or the universe. Man, regardless of desire or ego, does not possess the knowledge to fully comprehend the complexity of nature or the human blueprint. With each new scientific discovery concerning the human body, we are yet further amazed by the majesty and intricacy of this grand design, obviously conceived by an intelligence far superior to our own.

“Every degenerative disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency.” Two time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling.

All the necessary components and nutrients for the sustenance of human life, as well as all living creatures on the planet, were also designed by this Superior Intelligence, not by man.



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